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Council Gives Wagoner Key to City (August 20, 2010)

Anna Mills Wagoner Seeks Superior Court Judge Seat (August 5, 2010)

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Wagoner to Run for Superior Court in Rowan (August 5, 2010)

U.S. Attorney Wagoner Announces Resignation (August 5, 2010)

Letters to the Editor

Wagoner has a proven record

As a retired teacher, mother and grandmother I know the importance of providing the best possible communities for our children. In addition to the experience Anna Mills Wagoner has serving as Chief District Court judge and United States attorney, she has consistently proven she cares about our youth. She has participated in programs designed to keep our children from starting a life of crime and protected our children by providing mediation in child custody cases. Due to the unfortunate death of a family member, my father and I together were involved in a custody case involving two small children. Anna Mills Wagoner was practicing law at the time and proved to be an advocate for these children with a compassionate understanding of our concerns and an extensive knowledge of the law.
Anna Mills Wagoner's history proves she is knowledgeable in all areas of law, unbiased in her rulings, and tough on crime. She will put her never-ending energy to work to continue making Rowan County a safe community for people of all ages. Please join my dad and me in supporting her by going to the very last page of the ballot on Nov. 2 and marking Anna Mills Wagoner as first choice for Superior Court judge of Rowan County.

— Nancy G. Corriher & David Graham Jr.

Wagoner for Superior Court

I met Anna Mills Wagoner 15 to 20 years ago. During this time, she has attended the annual fundraising dinner for the South Rowan High School JROTC for many of these years to show her support of this worthwhile program. Her continued support, dedication and encouragement of our area youth have been one of her many strong characteristics that we both share.
Her strong effective leadership, fairness, dependability and knowledge of the law are just a few qualities that Anna Mills Wagoner possesses that make her my choice for Superior Court judge.

— “Wild Bill” Corriher

Wagoner well qualified for Superior Court post

I support Anna Mills Wagoner in the race for Rowan County Superior Court judge. She possesses the work ethic and experience, legal skill, community connection, and leadership ability necessary for the demanding responsibilities of Superior Court judge.
Superior Court judges are critical to the disposition of both civil and criminal cases. However, I believe that the disposition of criminal cases more directly affects every citizen. Rowan County is in the midst of significant changes in the local criminal justice system. Within the past several months, new police chiefs have been installed in China Grove, East Spencer, Granite Quarry-Faith, Salisbury and Spencer; and, a new sheriff and new district attorney will be elected in November. Our next Superior Court judge will inevitably be faced with personnel and administrative issues, as well as the disposition of individual criminal cases. Anna Mills Wagoner has experience coordinating multiple law enforcement and prosecution agencies during her years as United States Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina. These skills will be critical in the months and years ahead as the local criminal justice system is re-molded.
Prior to attending law school, Ms. Wagoner was involved in many community activities, most notably as director of the Family Crisis Council. As a practicing attorney, she handled a variety of civil and criminal matters, giving her wide-ranging legal experience. In both community and legal matters she has been a strong advocate for families and for justice.
Anna Mills Wagoner served 11 years as a District Court judge for Rowan County, including seven years as chief judge. Judge Wagoner handled thousands of civil and criminal matters, always with vigor, expertise and a commitment to justice. Judge Wagoner possesses attributes that will cause her to be an outstanding Superior Court judge, and I urge the citizens of Rowan County to support her.

— Bill Kenerly

Kenerly is retiring as Rowan County district attorney.

Wagoner a beacon of impartial justice

The sadness of learning Judge Anna Mills Wagoner was resigning from her position of United States Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina was somewhat tempered by her announcement of running for Superior Court judge. I met Judge Wagoner after her appointment by President Bush to the U.S. Attorney post in 2001.
I worked with her and the staff of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in coordinating the Violent Crime Task Force in Greensboro. As U.S. Attorney, Judge Wagoner was very active and supportative in our efforts in lowering crime by targeting the worst criminal offenders in the Greensboro area as well as the other 24 counties in central North Carolina, where she supervised federal prosecutions.
I am pleased to know that she will continue to serve our state within our criminal justice system. In serving as U.S. Attorney, Judge Wagoner served as a beacon of impartial justice. Her work and efforts always promoted fair and equal justice and the protection of the rights of both victims and the accused under our laws and in support of the Constitution of the United States.
I am proud to have served with Judge Wagoner and fully support her efforts to continue her service to our country as a Superior Court Judge in North Carolina.

— Al Stewart

Tallil, Iraq
Stewart, a former captain in the Greensboro Police Department, is currently serving in Iraq as a regional commander with the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team.

Wagoner is best qualified

I am writing in regard to Anna Mills Wagoner. I served on the North Carolina Highway Patrol in Rowan County for 27 years. During which time, I attending court while she was a presiding District Court judge and found her to be firm and fair in all matters.
Currently, I am contracted to the U.S. Marshals as a court security officer. I was assigned to the Greensboro Middle District of North Carolina for two and a half years. In all my dealings with Ms. Wagoner, I found her to be honest, fair and forthright. She ran a tight, disciplined court and under her tenure, the court had a 99 percent conviction rate. Based on my personal knowledge of her professionalism, I believe that she is the best qualified candidate for resident Superior Court judge for Rowan County.

— Joe W. Abernathy


Wagoner experienced

Rowan County voters should vote for Anna Mills Wagoner for Superior Court judge for Rowan County on Nov. 2
I am sure you are aware of Ms. Wagoner’s distinguished service as a District Court judge for Rowan County. I want to tell you about her almost nine years of service as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina, beginning when she was sworn in on Nov. 16, 2001. The Middle District of North Carolina consists of 24 counties in central North Carolina, including Rowan.
Under Ms. Wagoner’s leadership, the U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecuted approximately 4,500 defendants, including major Mexican drug dealers, online child predators, violent and repeat offenders and white-collar criminals engaged in identity theft and mortgage fraud. Her office seized currency and property involved in criminal conduct valued at more than $69 million and collected $57 million in debts owed the United States.
Even though the U.S. Attorney’s Office is in Greensboro, Ms. Wagoner continued to reside in Salisbury and commuted to work every day.
She recognized the need to commit more federal law enforcement resources to Salisbury and led the effort to establish a Project Safe Neighborhood there. This program brings together federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in close cooperation to aggressively prosecute the most dangerous criminals in the community. Federal prosecutors and agents work with state and local law enforcement, prosecutors, probation officers, service agencies and community leaders to deter and prevent gun crime through community outreach and assistance.
This program produced dramatic results in lowering violent crime in Salisbury. Salisbury is a safer place because of this program.
Anna Mills Wagoner did not forget her Salisbury and Rowan County roots when she became U.S. attorney. She deserves the vote of every Rowan County citizen on Nov. 2.

— Ben White

White served as a chief assistant U.S. attorney before his retirement.

Wagoner for Judge

This letter is written to encourage all citizens of Rowan County to vote for Anna Mills Wagoner for Superior Court judge.

I support Mrs. Wagoner because of her experience, fairness and commitment to the community.

As a mother of young children, I view a safe community as crucial. As Superior Court judge, I feel Anna Mills Wagoner has the knowledge of the state and federal court systems as well as current law enforcement and legal issues facing our country and Rowan County to determine the appropriate actions needed to create a safer community.

When you vote, please make sure you go to the last page of your ballot, look at the bottom of the page and vote Anna Mills Wagoner as your first and only choice for Superior Court judge.

— Erika Delaney


The No. 1 choice

We, the citizens of Rowan County, will have the opportunity to elect a judge who is committed to a safe, community for all citizens if we elect Anna Mills Wagoner for Superior Court judge.

She is fair but firm, compassionate but committed to justice, approachable but professional, and most of all she values and understands this community’s diverse population.

As a resident of Rowan County, I have known Anna Mills Wagoner most of my adult life. She has continually earned my respect for her personal integrity and professional competence. Therefore, in the upcoming election, my first choice for Superior Court judge is Anna Mills Wagoner.

— Sean Reid


A proven jurist

Although I will not be eligible to vote in Rowan County on Nov. 2, I would like to urge the voters to carefully consider the credentials of Anna Mills Wagoner in her campaign for Superior Court Judge.

Having lived in Rowan County since the age of 12, she and her husband, Bill, have raised two children here. Her involvement in community activities is extensive. She is a caring, compassionate person who loves her community and state.

Her professional career as an attorney, district court judge, Chief District Court Judge, and United States Attorney for the Middle District of North Carolina has been marked with integrity, excellence, efficiency and pure hard work. The voters and top public officials have expressed their confidence in Anna Mills Wagoner by electing and appointing her to these important positions. Her knowledge of the law is extensive.

I would urge the voters to remember that not only will they have to go to the very bottom of the voting ballot to find the Superior Court Judge District 19C race, but they will have to go the very end of that section to find Anna Mills Wagoner’s name. Since judges are elected on a non-partisan basis, a straight ticket vote will not count in the judicial races.

So on Nov. 2 or in early voting, be sure to go to the polls and vote for a proven jurist — Anna Mills Wagoner.

— Phil Kirk


Wagoner has integrity, experience and drive

It is with honor and great satisfaction that we can write this letter of endorsement for Anna Mills Wagoner for Superior Court judge. This fine person is of original mind, with great drive for performing to perfection. She has the ability to organize her duties and carry them out with or without help, and succeeds by perseverance.

Anna Mills Wagoner’s courtroom demeanor is impeccable and reflects favorably on the entire court system. Anna Mills Wagoner possesses unquestioned integrity, experience, dedication and is well versed in all phases of the law.

On Nov. 2, we will cast out vote for Anna Mills Wagoner and encourage you to do likewise.

— Helen & Harold Earnhardt


Wagoner for judge

I have known Mrs. Anna Mills Wagoner for the past 20 years and would like to enthusiastically endorse her to become our next Superior Court judge for District 19C.

I remember my days as a high school principal, which regretfully required me to occasionally appear in district court for student cases. Judge Wagoner’s courtroom was always conducted in a highly professional manner. As the judge she was extremely organized, well-prepared, compassionate and strict. She earned the respect of all stakeholders and exhibited strength and a genuine commitment to the law. Following her tenure as a district court judge, Anna Mills Wagoner served as the U.S. Attorney for North Carolina’s Middle District, including Rowan County. This position has allowed her to gain even more valuable experience and knowledge to help as a Superior Court judge.

Rowan County is fortunate to have a candidate with the vast array of qualifications that Anna Mills Wagoner displays. She has been extremely active in our community. One example of her leadership was gaining cooperation of local, state and federal law enforcement to establish a much needed Meth-Watch Program in Rowan County. This program allows monitoring of sales of pseudoephedrine and other precursor chemicals that are used to make homemade methamphetamine. Our county is now recognized as a leader in fighting illegal meth labs.

Based upon her experiences, knowledge of the law and commitment to fairness, I believe Anna Mills Wagoner is clearly the best choice to preside over our Superior Court. I am confident she will be energetic, efficient, resourceful, fair and firm. Join me in voting for her as the first choice for Superior Court judge to help keep our community safe for everyone.

— Dr. Alan King